2020 Club Events

Due to the Covid-10 Pandemic very few events were held.

The Niagara Corvette Club, represented by Rick Gladman, Joe Bello, Craig Gemmel and Richard Limoges, presented a cheque to Marla Smith of the Niagara Children’s Centre on Friday Dec 18th for the Club’s donation for the 2020 season. The donation was comprised of generous donations from Club Members and supporters, and also an amount allocated from the Club’s reserves, as part of the Club’s continuing support over the past 5 decades of a total of over $422,000.


A Cruise with Clues was held in September followed by socially distanced picnic.

Parkway Social held a couple of BBQs for us in July and August.  We dined in the parking lot.

One notable event was a drive by of club members to the Chateau Gardens, a long term-care facility in Niagara-on-the-Lake on Father’s Day.